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Top Klean Services Inc.

“It was important for me to receive the help because my objective was to grow my company. Thanks to the assistance and tools I received at the CA Hispanic SBDC we made it happen.”
– Fabiola Perez, owner

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Fabiola Perez is the proud owner of Top Klean Services Inc. and after working eight years as a sole proprietor, she came to the realization that she was stuck. And just like many entrepreneurs, she always had the dream to expand her business. Fabiola is a professional, but she lacked the education and resources to grow the business on her own. When she came to the CA Hispanic SBDC, she felt a step closer to accomplishing this dream.

As she attended the workshops, some challenges she faced were finances, marketing, management, and more, but she wanted to mostly focus on human resources.


Fabiola started working one-on-one with her advisor, Oscar Garcia, principally on building a business plan. Once the business plan was solidified, they had a better idea where Top Klean Services Inc. needed the most assistance. In order to successfully expand her business, Mr. Garcia and Fabiola spent some time working on marketing, and financing. In addition, she was instructed on the right licensing and insurance needed for her specific industry.

Mr. Garcia and Fabiola also proceeded on writing an employee handbook where she gained knowledge on human resources. Lastly, she received the training necessary for employee treatment and training.


Fabiola’s commitment and dedication led Top Klean Services Inc. grow successfully and keeps doing so. It became a corporation going from 3 employees in 2021 to 12 employees as of right now. With the support of her advisors at the CA Hispanic SBDC, she was able to develop her own website to attract new clientele, create credibility, and increase her revenues. The employee handbook with the rules and regulations of the company has been very instrumental for the continuous growth of her business. Even after the workshops, Fabiola created a system of clocking-in and clocking-out. Through this mobile application she has been able to better manage her and her employees’ time daily.

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