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Hummingbird Carpet Cleaning Inc.

“We had a consultant named Alex who helped us along the way. Even after we finished the program, he was still available to guide us through the right path. We are extremely grateful with the CA Hispanic SBDC for offering these services for free and help the community.”
– Nazario Soto and Ana Laura Guzman, owners

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Nazario Soto and Ana Laura Guzman are the owners of Hummingbird Carpet Cleaning Inc. which focuses on janitorial services. They started their business in 2015 as sole proprietor with the dream that someday it would expand. Nazario and Ana Laura were professionals at doing their job but lacked the knowledge to grow and expand their business the right way. Once they sought for assistance at the CA Hispanic SBDC/Programa Hispano they found the mentorship they were looking for. Some challenges they faced were how to write a business plan, financing, bookkeeping, how to apply and obtain a loan, the cost of doing business and more.

Game Plan

During the program, Nazario and Ana Laura learned important components regarding the structure of a business and applied it to their own. With the help of their consultant Alex and staff from the CA Hispanic SBDC, Hummingbird Carpet Cleaning Inc. worked on some concepts of business management, writing a business plan, write an employee handbook and how to do finances.


Since receiving assistance and advice from the CA Hispanic SBDC and their consultant, Nazario and Ana Laura were able to accomplish their dream. Hummingbird Carpet Cleaning Inc. wrote a detailed business plan, and they were able to become a corporation in in 2019. The revenues increased, they wrote an employee handbook, which has helped the business along the way, and they were able to obtain the PPP loan.

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